Antonio Velardo advises all to stay humble

Heath Detweiler

Heath Detweiler is a good friend from Southeastern Ohio.  He is an amigo who is honest and true and who often shares encouraging, inspirational and amusing things online.  You can find him on the net, but to save you the search, I’ve shared some of my favorite links and profiles of his right here for you:

Heath is currently a sales agent for Acreage Investments

He has a robust LinkedIn profile

I really enjoy his slideshare presentations!

While his Youtube collection is phenomenal, I can’t get enough of this Bambi video he filmed and uploaded on Vimeo.

Heath is also on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and Tumblr

You’ll find him elsewhere–please feel free to send me a message or leave a link where you have found Heath’s latest insights–and of course, you might find an article or two about Heath here 🙂


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